Wind Farm Fire Protection Services & Equipment in Australia

As with all the innovative fire suppression and protection systems that we offer here at Delta Fire, our specialised wind farm fire protection equipment is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the fire prevention and management sectors, we are able to provide systems for this highly specialised field of renewable energy.

Meeting the unique challenges of wind farm fire protection

Due to both their complexity and their often remote locations, wind farms present a unique set of challenges in the area of fire prevention and suppression. In the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out, surrounding bushland is immediately placed at risk from any burning debris. For this reason, it is imperative that any combustion is suppressed there and then.

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The need for an effective wind farm fire protection system

With many wind farms being constructed in remote locations, the concept of controlling any fire until the emergency services arrive on the scene is not a viable option. The risks of a fire spreading and the potential delay in the arrival of the fire service mean that the only workable solution is the immediate suffocation of any fire.
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