Specialised vehicle fire protection maintenance in Australia

Here at Delta Fire Australasia, we have been involved in the fire prevention and suppression industry long enough to see firsthand the atrocious damage that fire can wreak on equipment and buildings. 

That is why we provide outstanding vehicle fire protection maintenance to our astute clients all across Brisbane and Australasia.

Experts in specialised vehicle fire protection maintenance

Our highly qualified and experienced team provides expert vehicle fire protection maintenance services of fire suppression systems for all types of commercial and industrial vehicles. 

From trucks and plant to earthmoving and mining vehicles, we are familiar with fire suppression systems for them all. 

Contact Us For a No Obligation Suppression System Audit

no obligation suppression system audit

Vehicle fire protection maintenance, testing, and reviewing

We can review your vehicles’ fire suppression systems to ensure their continued effectiveness. Our technicians can also help conduct a full risk assessment in accordance with AS5062-2006 to ensure that your system meets your requirements. We never cut any corners or take any chances when it comes to the serious business of vehicle fire protection maintenance, and you don’t have to either. 

Talk to one of our helpful and friendly team today concerning your specific fire protection and suppression needs.

Call us in Australia on  1800 DELTAFIRE (335 823 473)

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