Renewable Energy Fire Control Systems & Equipment in Australia

Delta Fire firefighting systems. Fire prevention for renewable energy equipment.

Wind turbines and other applications demand fast, effective and unerringly reliable fire protection as the risk of even the smallest piece of burning debris falling to the ground and setting alight the surrounding countryside would be a disaster. 

 Delta Fire selects the most appropriate option from a fire-safety arsenal that includes highly specialised, confined-space tube-based systems that have already been successfully installed and tested. The systems that we utilise for our renewable energy fire protection applications are used in wind turbines in Australia, North America and Europe.

The team at Delta Fire are committed to a cleaner future, and with the ever-increasing focus on producing clean, renewable energy; greater reliance has to be placed on safeguarding the expensive equipment. With an increasing proportion of renewable energy coming from wind turbines, protection is also essential to ensure that any fire does not spread from the turbine to the surrounding countryside. 

The potential to cause devastating bushfires is a very real and ever-present threat, as many wind farms are located in remote parts of the country, far beyond the immediate reach of the emergency services.

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Wind Turbine Fire Control Systems
What we offer:

  •  Automatic Fire detection and suppression systems

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