Portable Fire Extinguishers - Supply & Installation in Australia

Delta Fire portable fire extinguishers.  For virtually every eventuality.

When it comes to the supply and installation of a huge range of portable fire extinguishers, there is only one name that you need to remember. 

Here at Delta Fire in Brisbane, we carry a variety of fire extinguishers for virtually every eventuality. From electrical fires and chemical spills to solvents and material fires, we have the right portable fire extinguisher for every type of fire.

delta fire pulling the pin on a fire extinguisher

Contact Us For a No Obligation Suppression System Audit

no obligation suppression system audit

Dealing with the experts in portable fire extinguishers

Just as you would expect from one of Australia’s market leading fire prevention and control businesses, we only supply branded products that reflect our demanding standards of quality and customer care. 

Whatever size of installation you need to protect, from a small bistro to a multinational petrochemical facility, you are guaranteed to receive the same outstanding levels of service and attention to the details.

Call the fire protection experts in Australia now on  
1800 DELTAFIRE (335 823 473)

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