Flammable Materials Fire Control Equipment in Australia

Many of the raw materials, minerals and manufacturing processes on which industry has become dependent have inherent fire risks that need to be resolved for the preservation of assets and the safety of those working with them. 

These threats are particularly prevalent in the mining, smelting, and bulk flammable materials handling sectors.

Fire protection with flammable materials

We provide, among many other things, pot carriers used in the steel industry to transport molten slag. These can reach temperatures well in excess of 1000 degrees C and are a significant risk to the operators’ safety. 

These extreme environments call for extraordinary protection to provide both flammable material fire suppression and a thermal protection barrier to protect skin, clothing, and equipment from heat, fire, and flame.

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Dealing with the flammable materials specialists

We fully understand that such severe life and asset-threatening working conditions go beyond the demands of less arduous fire safety challenges. They call for the high degree of specialist high-hazard fire protection expertise that the team here at Delta Fire has uniquely developed.

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