Fire Protection Services & Equipment Market Sectors in Australia

The expert team here at Delta Fire has expertise and solutions in the two closely related sectors of firefighting/rescue, and commercial/industrial fire suppression.

The fire safety market sectors we service include:

Within the fire and rescue sector, we supply municipal fire and rescue services along with industrial emergency response organisations, with leading-edge equipment. 

Everything supplied by our company has been tried and tested to ensure that our end users’ tasks are easy, safe, and swiftly achievable. 

This applies to everything from conventional urban fire-fighting or bushfire operations to confined space rescue, natural disaster response, or the extrication of trapped personnel.

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From fire retardants to asset protection

Our company’s commercial and industrial fire protection offering embraces almost every aspect of fire retardants and suppression, from portable fire extinguishers to specialised fire safety solutions for commercial restaurants. Our remit covers total-flooding gaseous systems for IT and telecommunications centres and in-cabinet “micro-environment” detection and suppression for business critical asset protection across a broad spectrum of industries. It also embraces fixed and mobile fire-fighting systems and suppression agents that are providing around-the-clock protection in high-hazard petrochemical environments.

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