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Delta Fire lightning systems. Tried and tested lightning protection system.

Lightning strikes are a primary cause of devastating and expensive fires in storage tanks in the petrochemicals sector and throughout the country’s utilities and power generation sectors. They are also an issue in data centres and telecommunications centres, along with mass transit and logistics facilities. Hazardous material storage facilities and process manufacturing businesses are also prime facilities to suffer from lightning strikes.

Lightning Eliminators & Lightning Avoidance Solutions

The team at Delta First are the Australian and New Zealand experts in the distribution of lightning eliminators. We are consultants (LEC) in world-class lightning-strike avoidance solutions and we have proved their effectiveness for many years in the world’s most lightning-prone environments.

With 3,000 of LEC’s systems already installed worldwide, this amounts to more than 40,000 system years in service. Throughout this time, this unique direct lightning strike prevention system has maintained a success rate of over 99%.

Don’t trust the highly crucial business of lightning protection to anyone other an experts, talk to one of our expert team today about our tried and tested system.

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no obligation suppression system audit

Lightning Fire Protection Systems
What we offer:

  •  RGA for floating roof tops
  •  IPE In tank Potential Equalizer
  •  Chem Rod Grounding Electrode
  •  Smart Ground Testing
  •  Dissipation Array System
  •  Spline Ball Ionizer
  •  Spline Ball Terminal

Why choose Delta Fire Lightning Fire Protection Systems

  • We only use high-quality products from names you know and trust 

  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time

  • Full After-Sales Support Service

  • We offer unbiased advice concerning every aspect of the products and services that we supply

Call the fire protection experts in Australia now on  
1800 DELTAFIRE (335 823 473)

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