Heavy Vehicle Fire Protection Systems Australia

Here at Delta Fire, we provide heavy vehicle fire protection for a diverse range of applications in the mining, logging, and mass transit sectors, with systems designed and manufactured by Ansul, and the Amerex Corporation. 

These innovative and widely utilised systems are specifically designed to protect the huge wheels and cabins of these colossal vehicles.

Dealing with the heavy vehicle fire protection specialists

Thanks to our extensive experience in this highly specialised industry sector, we are able to provide tailored heavy vehicle fire protection systems for virtually any vehicle, plant, or equipment. 

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing highly workable and reliable systems that incorporate the most up-to-date technology available.

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Specialist Equipment for heavy vehicle fire protection

We appreciate the unique and arduous demands that the harsh Australian environment places on all types of vehicles and equipment, especially those that operate in bulk mining and mineral industries. That is why we only supply heavy vehicle fire prevention equipment that has been developed specifically for such conditions.

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