Foam fire extinguisher hardware in Australia

The Importance of Foam Fire Extinguisher Equipment

Even the best foam fire retardant is only as effective as the equipment that is being used to deliver it to a fire. Our foam hardware has been specifically designed to deliver the right amounts of product in the most effective manner. 

Through extensive research and field testing, we are able to ensure that our foam fire retardant and hardware provide you with the results that you need at the most crucial moment.

Our range of first attack fire safety fire extinguishers

The experts here at Delta Fire market a broad range of hand-held and wheeled extinguishers for “first attack” fire safety. They meet the highest international standards with options that include water, foam, carbon dioxide, and dry chemical suppression agents that ensure their suitability for a wide variety of fire risks. These world-class extinguishers are manufactured by the well renowned Amerex Corporation.

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Our extensive range of foam fire retardant and hardware

Here at Delta Fire, we have an unrivalled and comprehensive selection of foam and water firefighting hardware that embraces the latest technology from such companies as Skum and Shilla. This extensive range includes fixed, portable, manual, and automatic monitors along with trailers, nozzles, branch pipes, foam generators, proportioners, and bladder tanks.

Foam fire retardant and hardware: Our Trusted Quality

As with all of the products and services that we provide here at Delta Fire, our foam fire retardant hardware conforms to and often exceeds all current Australian standards. We only deal in the most reliable brand-name products from leading manufacturers, and we never sacrifice the quality for the price. We know only too well that if the worst should happen, property and lives may depend on the reliability of our equipment and products.

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