Experts in foam dosing fire protection equipment & systems in Australia

When it comes to the supply and installation of foam dosing systems, you need to deal with the industry experts.

Firemiks Water-Driven Foam Dosing Fire Protection Systems

The team here at Delta Fire Australasia is proud to be the supplier of the Firemiks water driven foam dosing systems

Firemiks has already proven itself in a diverse range of applications and environments including offshore, industrial, and with many emergency fire services across Australasia.

Environmentally friendly foam dosing

Foam dosing of fires is known to deliver rapid and highly effective control, resulting in faster extinguishing times. This in effect lessens a fire’s environmental impact. 

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Highly versatile foam dosing systems

Thanks to its highly efficient water powered motor, our foam dosing systems offer the versatility that is needed when time and efficiency are crucial. We provide fixed and portable foam dosing fire suppression applications for all types of vehicles and vessels, along with multi outlet systems that offer maximum foam delivery direct to the source of an incident.

Non-hazardous foam dosing

Some of the benefits of utilising water driven pumps in our Firemiks foam dosing system include:
  • Powerful and smooth foam dosing 
  • Lightweight and easy to store 
  • Ideal for all types of water pumped fire appliances 
  • Can be installed in virtually any industrial or commercial application 
  • Available as a mobile unit 
  • Brings foam dosing much nearer to the incident than conventional truck mounted systems 
  • Operates on low foam pressure (atmospheric tank) 

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