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Commercial kitchens are a highly specialised fire risk environment, so it’s vital to protect property and people. Annually the destruction caused by kitchen fires cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and repairs. A kitchen fire risks the lives of staff and diners and costs tens of thousands of jobs. At Delta Fire we are experts in providing appropriate and effective systems for all types of commercial kitchens, we use the most advanced wet chemical suppression agents and pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems from reputable industry brands which have proven their effectiveness in tens of thousands of kitchens worldwide.

Our experience has shown us that cooking materials are most often the first thing ignited in a kitchen fire. Deep-fat fryers are prime suspects because they utilise flammable cooking oil that can result in grease build-up in hoods, ducts, and the fan of the exhaust system. If this grease is allowed to build up, it can ignite and contribute to the swift spreading of a fire. For this reason, it is important to appreciate that protecting the cooking equipment is only one part of the kitchen fire safety equation – it is also vital to protect the ductwork. 

Staffed by a team that is dedicated to providing kitchen fire protection systems of the highest quality that conform to or even exceed all current Australian standards, Delta Fire has a proven track record and a solid industry reputation. Whatever type or size of commercial kitchen you operate, you will benefit from talking to one of our fire protection specialists.

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What we offer 

  •  Supply and installation of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression systems

    •  Semi-annual fire system maintenance inspections
    •  Commercial kitchen fire protection System design 
    •  Repairs and upgrading of fire protection systems 
    •  Hydrostatic testing of cylinders
    • Upgrading of fire systems to meet AS3772-2008 

  • Wet chemical kitchen fire protection systems

Why choose Delta Fire commercial kitchen firefighting systems

  •  We only use high-quality fire protection equipment & systems from names you know and trust 

  • We are authorised installers and service agents for many leading kitchen fire protection systems that will fit your product preference

  •  We offer support throughout the entire process with expert advice 

  • Service is always attentive and personal with one point of contact saving you time

  •  Full After-Sales Support Service


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