Designed to respond quickly to fires that often develop rapidly, typically with high rates of heat release.


    Dedicated to providing kitchen fire protection systems of the highest quality


    Protecting your assets against virtually every eventuality


    Extensive array of synthetic and biodegradable protein firefighting foam concentrates


    Talk to one of our expert team today about our tried and tested system before it’s too late

Effective fire protection in Australia

When it comes to the provision of effective fire prevention solutions across a diverse range of industries and applications, there is only one logical choice if you want to deal with the market leaders. Here at Delta Fire, we are experts in all aspects of fire prevention, dealing with everything from fire detection and suppression to detailed risk assessment and integrated fire protection systems.
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Nationwide fire protection services

From our headquarters at Devlan Street in Mansfield, Queensland, our locally owned and operated business is able to provide fire protection all across Australasia. This is achieved through collaboration with our network of authorised distributors in both Western and South Australia. From Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Darwin, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we have established ourselves as the experts in all aspects of commercial fire protection solutions.

Proven expertise in fire protection

Our accreditation to FPA Australia and our team of specially trained fire protection experts provide the credentials that assure our clients that they are dealing with industry experts at every level. We appreciate that every building and installation is unique in both construction and usage, and that is why we provide in-depth and detailed risk assessments for the maximum levels of fire protection.
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Our fire protection and other services include:

  • Fire retardant devices
  • Firefighting solutions 
  • Lightning protection 
  • Heavy vehicle fire protection
  • In-cabinet fire protection
  • Kitchen fire protection
  • Wind farm fire protection 
  • Portable extinguishers 
  • Gaseous and foam suppression 
  • Foam suppression and hardware 
  • Water suppression 
  • Fire detection 

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